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$6.50 Std Left Front Chest.  Usually  60-100mm wide

$8-$10.00 Full Back

Usually  approx 270 wide

$40 Full back Patch

Approx 270mm wide.  Will outlast any garment it is embroidered on.

$10 Badge - maximum of 10,000 stitches, on a quality backing ready to apply to your own surface.

Embroidery requires interpretation of two dimensional images into stitches.  We are well known for our work with artists and Maori art in particular.

Anyone can print - only embroiderers can print and embroider - let us choose the best option for you

We have 4 main ways or "printing" onto clothing.


The first is Embroidery   This is the most permanent form or brand or text application.   We are expert digitisers and have been in the embroidery busienss for 12 years.  We do not send work to india or china - its all done in our Kerikeri based design studio.  That means when you pay a setup with DD Gold, you can be guaranteed to not face further setup for minor changes.  We pride ourselves on quality and brand standards.  If you want a quality job - we're the ones.


Digital Transfer Printing:

Photo realistic, high-definition designs with an unlimited color palette can be printed using our full color digital transfers. These can even have fine details that can not be achieved with other forms of printing onto fabric. This process is ideal for artwork that contains special effects, patterns, or shading. If you can't embroider or screen print it, you CAN digital transfer it! Digital transfers are applied with a professional heat press. Prices are quoted job by job


Vinyl Heat Press :  A heat press is a machine engineered to imprint a design or graphic on a surface, such as a T-shirt, with the application of heat and pressure for a preset period of time. Vinyl Heat Press is great for simple designs.  It can be more than one colour but is not really suitable for fine detail.  While heat presses are commonplace now, you need a good quality commercial one like the one used at DD Gold to ensure the quality of the print.  Don't be fooled by cheaper versions.  This process is ideal for larger single colour graphics.  It is also useful on items that can't be embroidered because they are too light or waterproof.


Classic Screen Printing:  There are three elements to screen printing costs: artwork, screens and printing.

The art charge varies according to the quality of the image provided to us. Our screen printer takes the image and creates film for screen creation and so if you logo is available in a high resolution format such as a pdf or eps this will help greatly.  Each colour that is screen printed for each logo requires the creation of a screen.  There is always a setup fee for each screen.  The screen printing cost per item is based on the number of colours in the design to be printed and the number of items being printed.  Minimum order quantities are 10 units for printed items.   See Pricing below.



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